Be Sensitive Foundation is placing the education of gifted and talented children back on the agenda.

Be Sensitive Foundation is composed of strategic partners sharing their resources, bringing their time, talent, and proprietary platforms, all raising public awareness of the issues faced by educators and nonprofits.

We believe all students are entitled to an education that is engaging and helps them reach their full potential. Yet, we need to improve learning opportunities for our most able and high- performing young people.

High-learners have outstanding potential or abilities in a wide range of areas. While their abilities are exceptional, like all children, they need to be encouraged, challenged and inspired.

The Be Sensitive Foundation is committed to a renewed focus on gifted and talented education.

We welcome participation with strategic partners in their philanthropy and confident in our collective abilities to accomplish our mission, because can achieve greater things as a collective than as individuals.

Our goal is to help heighten awareness of the challenges faced by nonprofits that service underserved gifted and talented children.

When we inspire young people, they uplift their communities. Once that incredible virtuous cycle begins, we empower a new generation of effective social contributors.” Rosaline M. Johnson, Director

We provide funding support for:

  • Leaders in childhood settings and schools.
  • Organizations that provide professional G&T learning for teachers.
  • Identification toolkit for early childhood professionals and teachers.
  • New guidelines for early entry to school and acceleration.
  • Tools and strategies that support effective identification of gifted and
    talented children.
  • Generate $12 million for educational and community organizations to develop and deliver high-quality extension programs for gifted and
    talented students.
  •  Generate $15 million for selected nonprofits that provide outreach .and development activities for innovative and inventive students.